Note: Go elsewhere on this site for an e-book guide for owners of Android phones.

Windows phones, not just Androids, are popular at St. Columba’s.

And a free e-reading app called Freda should almost surely work on your Windows phone—whether you’re using Windows 7 or Windows 8. This overview is about the Windows 8 version. A page for 7 will come later, although you should find plenty of clues here already..

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Note: The e-book-related guide below is for owners of Android phones. Here’s one for Windows phones.

This video created by YouTube user mzchyf may seem complicated at first. But that’s why we’re here—to offer tips ourselves or else help you get answers from experts.The YouTube shows Moon+ Reader in action. It’s a very well-regarded Android application available from the Google Play Store.

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littlefreelibraryWe love the Little Free Library movement where neighbors put up wooden boxes full of paper books to share.

Now here’s another grassroots possibility—cell phone book clubs that you could start for your public library, school, neighborhood, workplace, traditional book club, place of worship, sports team or other purposes.

What’s a cell phone book club, minus any extras?

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