We are a leading Anglican high school in Zimbabwe with well-known graduates in such areas as media.

This site is devoted to our cell phone book club, which we hope will serve as a model for other schools and libraries through Zimbabwe, where paper books are not enough to meet the demand.

E-mail: stcolumbashigh atsignsub gmail dotsub com

Please replace atsignsub and dotsub with the usual substitutes and close up the spaces. We are trying to thwart spammers who pick up addresses from Web sites.

Address: St Columba’s High School, 2nd Street, Makokoba, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Telephone: +263 9 64208

Site organizer: Njabulo Tazibona, our school librarian and media centre teacher.

To learn more about us and the cell phone book club concept: Go here. Want to start a club-related blog like this one? Go here.

How to read books on your phone: Here’s one place to begin if you own an Android phone. For Windows phones, go here.

To find this blog again if you forget the Web address and haven’t bookmarked it: Just type the following into Google: Cell phone book club Bulawayo

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